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All editing is basically the same, but I have two different things I do when I’m editing.

The first, which I’ve always done, is to edit book descriptions. This includes the cover, the table of contents page, and where the book ends and begins with notes to make it more clear and accessible.

The second thing I do is to help writers and/or other editors do the other work of organizing an edited book. Most editors are only as good as the work they accomplish. Often times, if they have a few pages of notes they want to make public, the reader will assume that the work they have done is not what they should do. Therefore, I do this work as often as I can, even if it doesn’t really matter, because many times, the book has been completely rewritten as I came across it. If I get to a section that I feel needs more research, I will often add the research without asking if it needs the addition.

When I’m editing book covers, I want to help the editor create a cover that better reflects the book’s content and makes the reader immediately feel comfortable with the story in whatever way I can. So I work with the editor to work with the photos to find the perfect shot that captures the look/feel, and if they think this is something I didn’t do, I’ll have them look at it and see if they missed something or added something that I didn’t already think of. So sometimes they may suggest that I work with the photos just to create more cohesion between the book cover and the text.

In addition, a lot of editors try to do both, trying to help a writer, and the editor, organize their own work. Often times, this can be to their disadvantage by limiting your freedom to think on your feet, or to their advantage by adding more to your own editing process. So if you want to be better, you’ll have to choose both of these.

How will editors make a book more accessible to readers so that fewer have to go to the book store and try to find the book the way they do now?

To make my work a successful one, I need to be more engaged in the community and reach readers everywhere. Books are a means to that end. To some extent, the more of my work I can make available, the greater the chance that a book will reach more people.

I use book club groups to create books that my editor is excited about

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What are the different types of book editing? – Cara Edit Foto Pemandangan Dengan Photoshop Cs3
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