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Editor: We tend to take a lot of time to work on certain aspects of a game. Some of our work takes several months. What it really comes down to is, “Hey, I think our game could be better.” We might take a year or two to get to a point where we believe these things are viable and good to make. Once we do that, we look through our list and look at which level of editing we have and make the decisions. It can be quite involved so sometimes it’s not obvious what level of editing you have.

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Q: What would you say are your favorite stages to work on?

Editor: When you begin this game, you’re making a sandbox for the player to play in. What I’m looking for in my maps is to make sure they have an interesting feel, but also have a lot of variety. Having the right balance in the early stages of development is key.

Q: What do you believe the future of multiplayer maps will look like?

Editor: At the present moment, multiplayer’s focus is entirely on multiplayer. The maps that we create for multiplayer are very different from the maps that were made during the single-player version; the maps in single-player will always be more focused on map variety with a more dynamic gameplay flow than on maps that focus solely on the core gameplay, especially in terms of which map you play the most. But I think if multiplayer ever evolves in the future and becomes viable, that would be the ideal point where maps would just be single-player maps with a game mode that can be played offline, which would be the ideal. It just kind of sounds best, doesn’t it? I think that’s still going to be the case. I don’t know when it’ll be. But I’m really looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

Q: What are your thoughts on the competitive scene and all the work you put into it?

Editor: It’s exciting to see all these great competitive players out there competing every weekend. It’s a really good feeling. However, at the same time, there’s a lot of players who just don’t have the discipline and the dedication to be good at competitive. They just come in, play at LAN events and then play when they’re home and not play for six or seven months. So as far as a competitive scene goes, the competitive scene is very, very, very good at playing online.

Q: What challenges came with

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What are the three levels of editing? – Learn Photo Editing Login Hotmail
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