What is the best photo editing app?

What is the best camera app?

What is the best weather app?

What is the best music app?

What is the best game app?

What’s the best flashlight app?

What is the best way to watch videos?

What is the best way to share your photos?

What is the best app to play music?

Here are some other amazing apps to add to your smartphone:


Photos + Pictures app

Photo Gallery

Music + pictures

Music + Pictures app


Photo Stills


Camera + Photos app

Stills app

Camera Stills

Stills + Pictures app

Aero + Gallery

Photo + Picture

Maps + Photos + Pictures

Photo + Albums

Maps + Albums

The New Yorker has an interesting feature on Steve Jobs , Steve Wozniak and the original Apple computers that came to market almost 20 years ago. But, you’ll note, I didn’t link to it. That’s because I didn’t go there. For the most part, it’s an interesting feature piece and I could have posted it in several places. But the story is basically about Apple in a different era. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and it comes just as I’m starting to think about the iPhone 7 and the upcoming Apple Watch . I don’t think I’d ever make such a long winded story if I didn’t think it might be of interest to somebody. So, I’ll quote from the story below.

We were not in Silicon Valley a week ago when we visited Jobs. In those days we saw many new products. But we had not yet seen Apple create an entirely new industry with its Apple Watch and its AirPods, its iPad Air 2 tablet computer, and its 12-bit A7 mobile GPU built of Apple’s own custom silicon.

And here is what Jobs said, according to an Apple employee who spoke with Apple’s top executives at its Worldwide Developer Conference last week: “This stuff is crazy. They are making a lot of money.”

The employees quoted above were referring to the iPad Air 2 and new iPad Pro, when they spoke with Apple’s top executives. When it was asked which products were the most interesting to them, those two products tied with “the new iPhone 7.”

As for the next iPhone, Apple’s most

What is the best photo editing app?
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