What is the going rate for freelance editing? – Basic Photo Editing In Photoshop

Most people in their twenties don’t have a clue about freelance editing, but they are willing to pay. One of the main reasons for the high price you are willing to pay for editing is that you will be paying a “client-side” fee to your editor for each edit. This client-side money is generated when your editor has finished editing your work and he/she sends you an “I got this” invoice. If the client gets your work inked or finished, your editor makes you an additional fee. Some editors charge as little as $25 to make an edited work, while others charge as much as $500. I advise against paying more than $250. Your editor will probably put the extra funds to better use as she knows your work will be in demand from clients willing to pay that much.

The client-side fee is a huge part of your editing bill and this should be enough incentive to pay for your time and effort. If, though, you haven’t spent much time in the industry, I recommend getting an editing contract, since every dollar raised over the $250 will be a lot of money in your paycheck for some time to come. You will need a high quality professional editing firm to create your work and you’ll have to pay for their time for every edit. This may sound scary at first but this is the best way I know to earn more money in the future by getting more job opportunities and making more money.

Why did you choose freelance editing?

I wanted to have fun editing my own video content. My dad has always been a videographer, but when he moved away he decided to put his editing skills to use in a more profitable manner. This experience has turned him into a professional, which in turn has allowed his son to make some good money through editing videos that weren’t feasible in the way he wanted. His videos are funny, informative and well produced! I think my son is doing well and I was looking for a way to expand my business while making more money from my video editing skills.

Do you have a business partner?

I currently work for myself and am self employed for the most part. When I have free time I will occasionally share my work with someone else to get work done. I have other friends who are entrepreneurs through their work; as such, I see my business partner as my partner and my best friend. I’ve also found great success as a freelance editor working with others, while still earning better money. I

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What is the going rate for freelance editing? – Basic Photo Editing In Photoshop
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