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What should I pay for editing?

This is just a brief description of this particular topic and might not apply to all situations. Please note that in most of these situations you’ll also need to purchase a proper service contract which will detail your fees in much greater detail.

Some authors are afraid of being scammed and just assume the author is asking them to pay for editing. The reality is that some authors may be genuinely in an editing dilemma, they just don’t know how to properly manage their resources and know that they are likely to run out of money quickly when their projects are nearing completion.

In the scenario above if your project has several sections, you may want to ask the author to take time off work to edit each one. While the author may be doing it, you can also have them pay a fee up front, as an alternative, you might need access to a quality editor to ensure you do not get a bad manuscript. You can look to do a quick search for freelance editing and then consider asking to use a third party service to provide you with a professional service contract.

You may find it helpful to ask your publisher for a quote on the fees for their services.
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Why use “I” instead of “we”?

The “I” statement is usually best in a situation where someone else is also writing and editing on this particular project. It shows that you are in full agreement with the author or author’s lawyer that the particular issue of the story needs to be resolved and the author has given you permission to handle the task.

What should I do with “we”?

If you are providing the editor with an idea of what the manuscript should look like, you probably should not call it a manuscript at all. An original idea is what we are going to call an “I”, a rough first draft, in order not to draw attention to the fact that you are editing and that your work might not be up to standards.

You can use the “in draft” statement as a means of giving the editor an overview or guide, in particular for those authors who have already decided they want to move forward with the draft. You might also use it to let the editor know you have read portions of the story and are willing to take more time with a particular issue. If you are not sure, you can always try to work around the problem.

I’ve written this book, what’s the process for putting the finishing touches on it?

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What should I charge for editing? – Learn Photo Editing Techniques Lightroom App Download
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