Can I make and sell dog food? – Pet Store Business Plan Sample


Does I have to buy dog food?


Where can I get all my dog food and supplies

We sell from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. most Tuesday through Sunday (weather permitting) at the following locations:

521 N. Main St, Eugene

101 N. Main St. Eugene

1305 E. Main St. Eugene

1401 E. Main St. Eugene

2300 N. Main St. Eugene

2801 N. Main St. Eugene

2800 N. Main St. Eugene

2701 N Main St. EPD

3640 N. Main St. EPD

1401 N. Main St. EPD

1 N Main St. EPD

2215 N. Main St. EPD

2101 E. Main St. EPD

521 N. Main St. Eugene

101 N. Main St. Eugene

(Beaverton, Hillsboro, and Portland are excluded as the number of retail stores is so small)

Are the products healthy?


Are there health concerns with our dog foods?

No, not really!

Is there a way to make your own dog food?


Why don’t I use a blender to cook our dog food?

Our dog foods are made in a single pan, we use a food processor!

Can I make my own dog food?


Can I bake my dog food?

How to start your own PET SITTING BUSINESS book MAKE ...

Can I cook my food at home?


Can I have frozen raw dog foods at dinner time?


Does my dog have a problem with dry food?

You betcha! There are many foods out there that are great food for dogs, just try one and see what happens.

How long will it take me to make my dog food?

Not long, in fact we will take a look. We start at an hour and get it done in under an hour. After a while, we will be making more and more as your feedback makes us keep going.

What is the dog food made like?

The dog food recipes are made and tasted by a professional dog food blender. These recipes are usually very dry food for adult dogs and we make them very dry

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Can I make and sell dog food? – Pet Store Business Plan Sample
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