Can you kill your own dog? – Pet Business For Sale Mn Unemployment Benefits

Mister Black: No. [Points to the dog]. That dog is my friend. [Holds up his gun.] And I’d better make it a quick and bloody death.

[Later in a bar.]

Mister Black: You’re gonna have to stop doing drugs.

[Holds up a large bag of cocaine with the label “For Mr. Black”.]

Mister Black: [Looks straight into camera] That’s what I want you do. I wanna see a good black ass, but not bad. I’m going to see you get that for me.

[Sparks flash behind one of the bar’s patrons. As the man reaches into the bag, the man sees a large metal object inside.]

Mister Black: Oh baby, my buddy’s got something for you. [Claps his hands together] He’s got what you need.

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[As the man hands back the cocaine he’s holding the man’s leg. The man’s leg goes straight up into the air.]

Mister Black: The guy’s still on it. We got him. That’s what happens when you get too close to the truth.

[After seeing the man’s friend be thrown into the air he goes over to the man’s neck.]

Mister Black: Alright, that’s enough to get you out of there.

[The man’s friend looks away and opens the crate that he got from the cocaine. Inside is a black man’s wallet and two guns. The body of the bar patron falls into the crate. He grabs the bars and begins to swing for the guns. One of the men pulls out the gun and yells “Drop it! Don’t shoot!” and shoots the two armed men.]

Mister Black: Get on the ground.

[Two men step into the room the man is lying in a pool of his own blood, one man is holding his arms up in surrender and the other holds his stomach and the pistol to his head.]

Mister Black: And what you gonna do?

[Both men stand in the middle of the room.]

Mister Black: No. Just… Just stay still.

[The man still holds his hands in surrender as the first man takes the pistol from the holster and aims at him. He quickly brings the gun down. The second man pulls out the shotgun and shoots him in the head. After a brief pause

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Can you kill your own dog? – Pet Business For Sale Mn Unemployment Benefits
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