Can you kill your own dog? – Pet Business Insurance Providers

You can’t kill anything unless it’s an enemy.

I mean you gotta kill somebody.

Is it like, “You know what? I’ll leave your dog out there by the road?” Like a dog or something? I think maybe your dog.

If I’m a murderer, I’d just throw off the chains.

If a man has to take life, does that make it just for me, or do you have to kill for your wife?

Why are there dogs in this world?

A dog’s got nothing to do with this life.

I would not kill for a dog when there are people that deserve to be killed.

I’d like to shoot a dog if there was someone out doing that.

I would be a criminal to do what I do, but it’s not about crime.

If you are a good man, you go home.

We can’t have no more wars, let’s settle for peace.

I know how to kill. I can take down any body.

Let’s kill everybody!

It’s not fair. I hate nobody.

I have no problems with a woman.

You don’t kill if you don’t have to.

If I can’t take it, she won’t have to shoot the dog.

He doesn’t want to shoot it, the dog wants to shoot it.

I won’t take it on my own, but it can’t make it kill me.

I don’t know what the big deal is.

He can’t keep up with me.

You don’t go down, I go down. I will kill in war.

This is a gun, and it’s not for a cat.

If you take a boy out for playing football, he can’t get back in, don’t you think?

Is the first thing on your mind, if you’re a police officer?

I’ve seen the death penalty.

I would rather lose my liberty before I lost my life.

If two people are walking down the street, and the one guy has a gun, and the guy who has the gun is the guy that’s coming into your business, that’s a big enough problem. What they don’t realize is who’s the man with the gun. The guy that’s coming into you on his own will find it harder to get away

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Can you kill your own dog? – Pet Business Insurance Providers
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