Do dog treats have to be FDA approved?

Yes, no matter what kind of food is being served. Food companies can claim anything they want and sell products with them. It is against the law to sell dog treats that don’t have the “federal logo”. If they want to, companies can do what they want. The problem is, they are not going to. The FTC was told at various times by the pet food companies of just that. I know I have had some interesting conversations with pet food companies about this. They are being asked to change their claims, but they don’t believe the FTC will come and take whatever they were promised. The pet food industry knows these claims are not good or will not hold up in a court case. Why? Because the FTC was once known to be weak, when it comes to enforcement. Just what they said about it in the early 1980s.

So if a company comes up with an idea, and puts it on the market at a reduced price, will they be held liable for damages?

I don’t believe this is a case for consumers. The FTC has a great deal of authority there and it has already had a couple of cases. They’ve had a lot of success, in the pet food industry in general, because a lot of their products are “safe”. So if they can convince the consumer the company hasn’t harmed them, they will be able to make the companies stick to their promises. I don’t think this is a case for the FTC to be involved in.

The FTC seems to have a lot of authority regarding the Pet Food industry. They have sued a lot of companies, but in my opinion they will be most successful if they sue the biggest companies that are doing the least harm. They should also do more enforcement against these smaller businesses (as in, not against the companies that are the biggest). But that is all for another article. If you need some expert advice, it’s been emailed to me. If you don’t read them, keep reading, and I will email you the answers.

What’s the most common thing dogs come across in dog treats?

People don’t want to feed their dogs food that isn’t approved by the Federal Government for dogs. The food manufacturers claim they are making foods that are safe for dogs. The truth is, many of these food companies haven’t been tested to see if they are safe. But most of these food companies, even the ones that have been tested, don’t know if they are really safe for dogs

Do dog treats have to be FDA approved?
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