Do dog walkers need a license? – Pet Business Arvada

Yes. Your dog must also be on a leash and under control. If you have problems seeing her properly, and can’t properly control her, you have the right to have your dog spayed or neutered. Many pet stores do not sell puppies and kittens without a state license. Some cities also have requirements on how many animals you can provide, which you need to meet to get your license.

Do my neighbors have my dog’s license?

Sometimes we find that a local police department won’t grant us a license, or refuses to give us one. But sometimes one of our neighbors does and we get ours. They can provide the license information so you need it. Also, just because you live near a local police department, it doesn’t mean all residents are required to get their dogs spayed or neutered. Also, they can’t do it in the middle of the night or you still might be fined for it.

Can I get my dog spayed or neutered while I’m at work?

Yes, so long as you provide your pet’s original rabies vaccination and the dog does not bite. There are also some exceptions so long as there is no physical harm to the dog. Check with your local or state Department of Justice Office for current details. Some cities have restrictions in place regarding time restrictions, but this is different so you should contact them for more information.

Can I get my dogs spayed or neutered while I’m home on vacation?

Yes, although the rules in many cities differ, it may be illegal.

Do I need to have my pet spayed or neutered before we move in?

If you have a healthy dog and we are moving into an apartment, a license is normally required. Sometimes however, an application is not required for pets moving in during the same month.

How long do I have to get my dog spayed or neutered?

The process to get a license can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. Your next step could be giving your pet a new name, a microchip, and a microchip card.

Are licensed pet owners allowed to have multiple pets?

Yes, no matter where we live. Check with local government or animal control for details on what is allowed and not allowed.

What do I do if my dog is not on a leash or under control?

The best thing you can do is get your dog spayed or neut

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Do dog walkers need a license? – Pet Business Arvada
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