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A license in Georgia is required for both public and private dogs. In addition, people with pets can be fined up to $50. These fees may include: license fees, rabies vaccination fees, veterinary care fees, spay/neuter fees, microchipping, tags, etc.

What if I don’t have a license or a permit?

There are exceptions.

There is no license fee for the following classes of dogs:

Unregistered dogs as provided in Code § 6-1-5.1;

Unlicensed dogs as provided in Code § 6-1-5.2;

Pregnant, lactating, or nursing dogs as provided in Code § 6-1-18;

Mixed breed dogs;

Dogs without a license, permit, or license plate under Georgia Code § 56-5-20(d)(14) or 58-6-9(d)(16); or

Dogs that will be released from an animal control facility pursuant to Code § 58-3-9(b).

Note: This does not apply to those dogs that are not considered a service animal.

How do i know if my dog is a service animal?

The rules relating to how and if animals are allowed in buildings are determined through the Georgia Department of Management Services (GDMS). The laws regarding service dogs are determined by a list of qualified service animals issued by the National Council on Disability (NCD) or by the ADA. See the list of qualified service animals. For information to determine the type of service animal being used, contact the appropriate branch of the GDMS or go to the following website:

What if I have a disabled person that requires a service animal, but do not have a license (or are unable to obtain one) for my dog? Can I still walk my dog in the park?

Georgia has enacted special rules that affect the use of service animals when interacting with people with disabilities and when operating motor vehicles. A service animal will be allowed at certain times, e.g., while riding in the back of a licensed vehicle, even if the person’s disability requires it. In addition, when riding on sidewalks in parks, it may be safe to park your dog, and to walk the dog through the park, but may still NOT be allowed on

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Do dog walkers need a license? – Pet Business Insurance Providers Ukutabs House
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