Do dogs forgive owners? – Best Pet Products 2019

It sounds a little bit like some type of joke.

No. If owners do not accept their dog’s behavior at any given time it will only increase. A dog who is not being taught the rules and respect that you expect of his or hers and is being allowed to act out and disregard those rules all of the time will end up becoming a very violent or destructive dog.

A good dog trainer is a person who can keep a dog in line whether those rules were given or not. It seems to me that training the behavior should be more about training the dog the rules, and less about training the individual behavior.

How should a dog be trained to accept rules?

In the dog world things are simple. Rules apply to all people and not just to dogs. If the rules are given well, everyone is expected to treat them just like humans do, but if a rule is not observed properly or someone is not following it, it will result in punishment.

If a behavior of yours is not appropriate and is being ignored or done poorly then it would be a good idea for you to talk with the other dog, find out what he did wrong, and work to improve on that specific behavior. If you observe something wrong on other dogs then it is good to ask them to do the same and to try to teach them in a similar manner.

I will give you an example of what is called a “rules violation.” I am going to take the phrase “I didn’t do this” and I am going to give it another meaning. You might be afraid that it is going to sound too harsh or that your dog is not going to really be bothered by it.

Imagine that you saw your dog playing with another animal that was about to run. Do you then, as the owner, throw a bone to the creature, knowing that you are expecting its behavior to improve with the interaction? Do you then turn tail and go out the door? Does it really matter much to you who was responsible for the behavior? That is a rule violation in the dog world. If there are many cases like this, then training will go to another place.
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One good reason to train is that it helps eliminate unwanted behavior in others and then the dog is taught to accept his or her limitations. Dogs who are trained to obey and not to disobey will eventually get used to them and not do anything rash, which will give the individual dog and others a better feel for the behavior and the need for

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Do dogs forgive owners? – Best Pet Products 2019
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