Do I have to pay taxes on dog sitting? – Pet Business For Sale Orange County Ca Coronavirus Cases

A. Yes. The city does have an ordinance that states that a tenant must be responsible for the care and custody of their dogs on a daily basis. If you are renting out an apartment in a house with several rooms, then it must be your responsibility to take care of the children, pets, and pets of your house guests regularly, and maintain a consistent schedule for cleaning and feeding your dogs. You can find more information about how to follow this ordinance on the city website. See our next question. (Back To Top)

Do I have to pay taxes on pet food?

A. No. You may purchase pet food under the following conditions:

1) You have an annual permit from the city, which allows you to sell food for home use. Do not sell food that you will not use or that will be over stocked. You will need the permit every year and have a copy for each apartment you rent. If you do not get a permit for an annual license, buy the food and mail it in. If you do not have a permit and can’t obtain one in time, you will need to call (310) 567-7777 to get the store manager in on the program.

2) You have a receipt from the city for the cash value.

3) You can supply any quantity of your product that is listed on the online receipt.

4) You have your own license and insurance in place to collect the fees for the pet food you want to sell and the fees can be collected at the time of sale.

5) You have a written agreement between you and the store where you will sell the pet food to ensure that all of the requirements for the permits, inspections, and licenses are followed, and that you are complying with the zoning regulations.

B. You do not need to have a permit or a special license to sell pet foods that meet the rules at section 703(e) of the city code (the “code provisions” part of the code). The code provides the following exemptions for pet food sales in residential zones and the code provisions permit you to sell the following types of pet food at any time, regardless of season:

1) All dry dog foods at a pet supply store, such as Petco or Petland.

2) All pet food containing one or more animal proteins and amino acids.

3) Any pet food that is in a separate container from the one that is sold.

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Do I have to pay taxes on dog sitting? – Pet Business For Sale Orange County Ca Coronavirus Cases
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