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If the leash is retractable, don’t worry. Most retractable leashes don’t break and many can be tied in a number of ways, making it even easier to get your cat on a leash.

If it does break, you can repair it, or you can simply replace it. If you decide to replace a broken leash, be sure to use a good quality, high quality product. Some leashes aren’t strong or strong enough and are a hazard for your cat, and there could be damage, or even death due to a broken leash. If you need to buy an over-the-counter, retractable leash, you can buy the cheapest of the best in the market and they’ll be of a higher quality.

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A federal judge in Washington today struck down several provisions of the Affordable Care Act that require that insurers cover contraception. The ruling by district judge Rosemary Collyer in the District of Columbia is the most significant federal decision on the contraception coverage issue to date. She found that the administration’s claims that the mandate for coverage violated religious liberty were legally untenable.

The provision of the law that is challenged in the case — requiring health insurers to cover a variety of health procedures, including contraception — prohibits making any payments to a company for not offering such coverage. The administration had claimed that the rule violated free exercise of religion by forcing insurance companies to cover contraception as part of a broader suite of contraception benefits. The Obama administration had contended this required the administration to subsidize religious employers and other institutions with “religious objections” to contraceptives.

The Collyer ruling rejects that argument. She noted that the religious objections rule is so vague that it “will likely not allow a single religious liberty claim to withstand scrutiny.” (To the extent that the case does reach that question, Collyer’s ruling indicates that religious liberty will likely be treated as an after-the-fact remedy rather than as an issue for the courts.) Even the administration concedes that “no single religious objector will successfully assert a religious liberty claim.” Nonetheless, the administration is appealing the decision.

It’s probably not too much to ask that Apple take the opportunity to release a new version of iOS. But this is not about new hardware, or even a new software toolchain for developers or a new ecosystem for apps. It’s about a new iOS.

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Do retractable leashes break? – Pet Mlm Business
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