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It was not hard to find this comparison on eBizHatch. The average rent was $200 per month and no one asked to see a rent check. Rover is a top-rated rental company with 2.6 stars compared to 1.8 stars for Hirecar. When I found a house, my new neighbor made much more money than I did because he had his own car.

In the U.S. the average pay for a house and condo was $125 per month. So when we compared the average pay at Rover’s office and in our house for 4 months we saw $125 x 4 = $1,260 per month. In our house it cost $1,066 per month.

What do you do now as a renter for more than $750/month?

You just give up renting. You can’t live in an apartment anyway. I’m a real estate agent. The rent in Vancouver is $1,800 per month. When it comes to renting I would make it a top dollar. If you have $700 in savings you probably do that too. It will be hard to afford the high cost of housing.

What should you do when your house is getting too expensive to afford but you’ll have more time to make ends meet?

The most important thing is keep the house in good shape. Keep the roof from blowing off, the wood floors and doors from falling off, the electrical system working all the time. Also get some extra money in your pocket. I would say if you make over $1,000 per month and have to live in Vancouver or Vancouver to live in, you must save more money than rent. In Vancouver that’s $500 per month if you have a good job.

Are there any good things about renting that won’t kill you?

In Vancouver you can work and save by taking on several jobs to supplement your income. In Seattle you have the option to invest in real estate; buy or rent for a year or two. The Seattle area also has the right to go for a vacation for as long as it’s affordable to the owner. These vacations include skiing, riding your bike, boating, swimming or playing golf.

What are all the disadvantages?

Well Vancouver has too much of everything at once. Vancouver is a high-priced city and you have to live in the city. Living in a home costs about $1,000 per month. If I rented from Rover

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Does Rover pay well? – Pet Business Name Ideas
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