Does Rover pay well?

“Yes, although it was difficult to judge because the company did not want us to release our own numbers.

“The company offers its customers a range of vehicles with a number of different fuel options which we were looking at, including natural gas, diesel and petrol. There are diesel and petrol engines – the latter three have a diesel-gasoline mixture. But overall, for a range-topping vehicle like the Rover Range Rover, the total cost would have been relatively high – and the overall company was not very enthusiastic about our decision to go out.”

Sellers were able to buy up to two vehicles per customer and they can even pick one of the four engines – each model has four engines to choose from, and the company does not have access to its own database of customer data.

In addition, Rover has agreed not to reveal pricing information, which means the car-buying public will never be able to see how much that Rover Range Rover costs compared to its competition.

“All models come with a range of equipment which we think is well priced and we do a bit of marketing on our website”

“With so many choices to choose from, it is also difficult to identify whether our competitors have offered an equivalent range of equipment from which we can discount our prices. But it is difficult for consumers to compare our prices with them, and if the same or similar equipment has been added to a competing model, then they will not buy that competitor’s vehicle even if we say it is ours.”

In a previous interview with BBC Radio 5 live, Colin Robertson, chief executive of Rover, had described the range-topping prices as “amazingly good value”. He had even gone so far as to call it “breath of fresh air”.

“Rover are very proud of all the range-driving vehicles we sell,” he said. “The Rover Range Rover is one of the most-sold cars in the world; the Rover Range Rover costs £55,200. It starts from £34,995. It is a fantastic buy at £26,950.”

So are the Range Rovers really ‘out for blood’? Should Rover be selling more of them?

“I think there are quite a number of people who are asking the same questions about why Rover is selling so many models,” he told BBC Radio 5 live.

“Certainly the company is very proud of all the range-driving vehicles we sell, and certainly the Rover

Does Rover pay well?
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