How can I get my dog into modeling? – Online Pet Business For Sale

There are two ways to go about it.

The first is to look elsewhere. While there were many talented and talented models around the city working for many different brands, there were plenty more that didn’t want to leave their jobs.

“When we realized that there were no models with our brand, we knew we needed to find someone in a similar position,” said Mark Johnson, owner of Mitzi Brand. After much searching, Mitzi Brand hired Sarah Lee, a 26 year old from Dallas, Texas, to model their dog.

“Our family has a huge dogslide in that parking lot,” Johnson said. “So we would have to leave for the dogslide and they were never available. So we looked around and we found Mitzi (and started chatting) over FaceTime.”

The second way to get a dog into modeling is to hire that dog.

“There are always openings, so if it’s the perfect dog, why not hire it and see what happens?” said Michelle Johnson, owner of

“Most people would say just wait, it’s a dog, it’s easy,” Michelle Johnson said. “Well, it isn’t. It’s a real career, a real job.”

She explained that modeling involves lots of hard work and dedication, but “because this is a career, it’s also one of the most rewarding and rewarding, and fun things I have done.”

But don’t tell that to her fellow dog owners.

“They get all up in your business and they make you feel uncomfortable,” the dog owner said.

The dog owner even threatened to give her business away if she did the interview so she might not be the only dog model around town.

“Do you really need to know the background of all the people who have gotten into this?” Johnson asked.

“Because that’s what makes you feel awkward,” the dog owner responded.

The person told Johnson that she and her dog are the face of your brand, which is why she would never want to model and hire another dog owner.

“No reason why. It’s embarrassing to think your brand is being used in that way.”

In the interview, Johnson said she was the only dog model and Mitzibird was one of the only brands listed. She denied that the people she talked to were being asked to promote Mitzi Brand or dog modeling,

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How can I get my dog into modeling? – Online Pet Business For Sale
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