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Go to the zoo website and find a zoos you would like to support.

It should be obvious that no zoos are created because it is cheap or easy. All zoos and animal protection organisations rely on many people volunteering to help, whether it be for volunteer time or money. All zoos rely on donations. For example, many volunteer at animal sanctuaries and rescue centres to help rescue animals from being bred in confinement in large, commercial animal farms and in many cases, breed their own. We strongly advocate for local community support.

What else can I do?

For example, consider creating a petting zoo for your dog in your community. Consider taking a volunteer time zoo if you have animals that may require special accommodation. For example, one family can support two dogs at a time. For the more adventurous, consider volunteering in their own community zoo for a weekend or longer. Alternatively there are many other good ways to help zoos and animals both locally and internationally; there are lots of great stories out there which you can read about and find online.

How do I volunteer?

All zoos need volunteers and many more of us turn up in person to help out if asked. So whether you’re looking to volunteer in a specific area or around the world or if you would like to help the animals in the next area; the possibilities are endless.

One of our most exciting activities is our Volunteer Days programme, which offers a great opportunity to meet the animals and see animal stories, activities and projects, for FREE; please do register with us and join us at your local local park or zoo on our website. For details email:

If you are willing to volunteer in your area but you can’t make it to one of our events, please consider volunteering in your local community park or zoo.

The Zoo of England also runs a range of Volunteering Opportunities.

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How can I start my own zoo? – Pet Business Insurance Providers Uke Republic
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