How do I make my pet shop successful? – Pet Business For Sale Mnsure Health

Don’t let your pets stay inside all the time. Choose new toys for your pets, play with pets, and make dog-and-cat treats (that you can give to your pet) and snacks for your pet. Create a fun environment for your pet, make it comfortable for your pet – by giving toys that you can store in the car, by keeping the house clean (don’t forget your cat’s litter box!), by setting up a kennel in the yard, etc.

If your pet is on a schedule, check up on your pet regularly, too. Make sure your pet has regular exercise time, have a pet walking program, have a food and water dish nearby, and more.

Get pets registered at the shelter

The PetSmart program is for dogs and cats:

Choose a dog or cat breed.

Pick your choice of shelter (we’ll help choose one based on your area).

Select a pet species.

Choose a rescue group.

Select a foster home.

Fill out an application

Fill out the PetSmart application by clicking the “add a shelter pet” button below and then click “get started” a few times.

Check back regularly

The Pet Smart program will provide you with information about your shelter and any other animal adoption group in your area. The shelter will then send you a phone number for you to call or text if you have further questions. For more information about the new PetSmart program, visit PetSmart’s website.

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How do I make my pet shop successful? – Pet Business For Sale Mnsure Health
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