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We’re proud to offer you our most reliable online real estate investment trust with your bank account. If you do not yet have an account with us, please visit and create an account and then purchase your real estate investment trust through their online platform.

For the quickest and most secure way to sell your real estate investment trust, please call 1-800 889 7093 (Monday-Friday 8 AM to 5 PM EST) to complete your transaction or login to your account below to view the transaction details.

What is the process for getting a loan on my property?

The process is quite simple but can take several weeks.

Log in to and complete your investment trust purchase, which involves paying your first lien purchaser within 30 days of creating an account on and depositing the first $50,000 in cash. Then, simply wait for your loan to be posted to your account once our loan review team has received the loan approval letter at least 10 business days from the close of your deposit.

Do you process the sale with a cashier’s check?

No, we also process the sale with PayPal, and have partnered with PayPal because of their ease-of-use and low minimums. We process with PayPal because they operate the most efficient online marketplace for property sales.

Do you process the sale through the state’s sales and use tax credit program?

The state of New York allows purchasers to use the credit to purchase and sell their New York-based real estate investment trust (referred to as your NYRIT). Please check with your local real estate commission and sales tax offices for more information.

I have a real estate investment trust and I purchased the real estate with $25,000 of cash, is there anything I should know?

This may be a unique situation for you. The cash required is set by New York state law, based upon a specific set of criteria, such as your net worth, property types, and location. You will need to review the laws around your local property and property taxation. If you have questions about how to make your loan out of your real estate investment trust in New York, or have questions about how the state and real estate commission operate, please contact a local real estate agent or tax attorney.

Am I required to pay taxes on my real estate investment trust if I

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How do I make quick cash? – Pet Product News
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