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In this March 21, 2016, file photo, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump speaks at the first of three campaign rallies in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Trump on Sunday (April 5) tweeted that he had given his approval to the U.S. military strike on Syria following a chemical weapons attack, but said he could not be sure whether it would be “quick or lasting.” (Pool photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

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Donald Trump had to wait a long time to get a positive assessment of the Syrian chemical weapons strike.

The Syrian government carried out what President Obama called a “clearly illegal” chemical weapons attack outside of Damascus, killing scores of civilians on Aug. 21. The president called Trump and gave him “all the intelligence that’s available.” Trump called Obama on the call to tell him that the attack had crossed his red line.

“I can’t tell you why the White House didn’t attack Syria long ago but now they say they will after the chemical attack. Can you imagine that? … It’ll do nothing but help ISIS and other terrorists,” Trump tweeted Sunday as he held a rally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

[This story was updated on Sunday, April 5. The number of casualties has been increased.]

While there was no direct answer from The Post or the White House as to whether the strike would satisfy Trump’s desire to strike Syria, Trump’s tweets were likely an indication that the president was confident that the strike would satisfy his base. Some of the president’s more aggressive rhetoric and rhetoric about Iraq have made it increasingly difficult for the US to maintain the upper hand on foreign policy. The president’s aggressive rhetoric about Russian hacking has also made it harder for the US to exert influence in the country.

After a year of bad news for Washington’s international image, here are some of the key developments — in one big graph

[For Trump and foreign policy, the week started on a bad note]

At the start of Trump’s presidency, the US did little to promote regional stability

The week began with the news of US President Trump’s inauguration — a decision that was met by protests across the country. The day after that, the US Senate confirmed Trump’s choice for Secretary of Defense.

In the two days following the inauguration, Trump had some of the worst weeks of his presidency yet. A series of tweets on Friday morning — along with some misleading tweets from the White House — led to a number of protests in

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How long should you walk a dog? – Pet Services Business Cards
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