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The amount of money is dependant on your dog’s height and weight. The ideal dog walker should walk a dog, but be gentle on him/her. At any time while having an interaction with your dog, the walker should hold onto the dog’s leashes. The distance away from the pet should be no longer than 60 cm and no longer than 60 cm over that side. If that is not possible, the walker should walk parallel to the dog which makes it easier and quicker.

Are there other rules I should follow?

You can be fined by the city if you do not obey the rule. The penalties for walking in a dangerous area is very stiff (up to $500).

Dogs can suffer. The dog walker need to be mindful of health or psychological issues.

It is mandatory to provide information about the dog. The information should include the dog’s breed, colour and height, the name of the owner, and how to contact the owner.

What should I have on hand as a dog walker at the beginning. Are there any rules I should follow when I become a dog walker?

Yes. Some rules that you need to adhere to are:

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Don’t feed the dog food in public and never bring it into public places, including shops, restaurants, or restaurants with large groups of people.

Always have dog food or dog treats ready and available for the dog to eat when asked.

The food and treats should be available close to the dog.

If you want to get a dog walker license, you have to have one registered with the city. It must be in English, French and Spanish.

Only one animal can be allowed at a time at any given time. It need not be a dog or a horse, as long as it’s a purebred animal.

Never leave a dog unattended.

The leash on the dog should be tight and a good length.

The dog must be handled gently.

Don’t use dogs as chew toys.

Do not keep the dog unattended for more than 30 minutes, after which time it should be returned to you or to the yard to be taken for exercise.

If you let a dog out for too long, you get fined.

If a dog is left unattended on a city sidewalk, it is no longer allowed onto a street or public right of way. This includes any public building

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How much can you earn as a dog walker? – Pet Business Arthur
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