How much is a pet shop Licence? – How To Start A Walking Dog Business Names

Pet shops are a very limited, regulated form of retail and do not own all the retail licences. The shop that sells you the Pet Licence will only sell your pet. A pet shop is not a place for pet owners to sell their pets or sell any other items.

Why do you care about my pet

It’s because your pet helps to protect us all. Many dogs are considered pests in houses and it’s just not fair. Some dogs can become aggressive towards other animals, especially humans. You may consider it unfair that your pet doesn’t have proper shelter and comfort, and it will only get worse if they become aggressive.

Your pet can help to protect you or someone else in the house. You could potentially be the one bitten if someone tries to harm your pet. It’s not safe to leave your pet without a leash, and it’s also not safe on the couch.

What can I do for my pet?

If you’re looking for advice on how to raise your pet as well as taking care of them, see our Care of pets page. If you have questions or concerns or if you’re looking for more information, or if you’re having a problem with your pet, contact your local council’s Animal and Community Services department. Call 101 and ask to speak to a member of their staff.

If you’d like to find out more about the local Animal and Community Services department, you can download this information sheet by filling out this short form:

Can I buy pet supplies for my pet?

Where to Start When You've Decided You Want a Dog
Although there aren’t any rules on the sale of pet supplies, there are certain things that should be allowed. For example, there are no provisions to keep your pet on a leash – we do not allow dogs to be left alone with other dogs, cats with children, etc.

What can I do for my pet

There aren’t any rules about the sale of pet supplies as they are not regulated by the Government. However, please be aware that some things are not allowed, for example:

If you have your pet as a pet

There are no provisions for you to keep your pet as a pet, so there is no reason you can’t take it with you to work or school.

If you have your pet for a short period of time

In this case, you’re not required to provide proof that the pet was

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How much is a pet shop Licence? – How To Start A Walking Dog Business Names
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