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Licences are issued to individual animal carers so that they are aware of the rights of their animals.

These licences can vary from a single licence for a single animal to a group licence which is issued to several persons.

The license can also be for a specific animal (for example a rabbit) as long as these animals are under your direct care and control.

Can I get a zoo Licence for a pet?

A pet can be a pet as defined by the Dangerous Dogs Act 2000 and the Dangerous Dogs Act 2010.

So, a pet is an animal that lives in your home or any other enclosed space with you.

They are animals that the owner can have as companions if you own them legally.

A guide dog for example is not considered pet by law.

The Animal Welfare Act 1990 defines animal welfare, the aim of which is to make it as painless as possible, humane and responsible for the wellbeing of the animals used for any purpose.

Can I get a zoo Licence for the ownership of a pet?

Yes, but only if you live in the UK.

You can only get a zoo Licence in the UK if you live either in the country or are the owner of the animal.

So, if your pet is from another country, you must have permission to bring your pet to the UK to give it a good home and care.

The law in the other countries can differ from the UK so it is important to check what your country’s laws are and whether you can own your pet legally.

Can I get a zoo licence for a pet which would normally be considered zoo?

The law about zoo permits is quite different in other countries, see this fact sheet on animals held in zoos for more information.

What are the zoo licenses and what are they good for?

What a zoo license can do is allow you to:

exercise control on your animals during a visit.

use a licence for your pet to visit you at your home.

if you are out at sea, get a licence to keep your boat safe.

If you do these things you may have a special occasion license for the visit or if there is a serious accident.

However, you must pay a fee to have one of these licenses, usually £5.

You also have the right to use or keep your animal in a way which is not

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How much is a zoo Licence? – Pet Business Insurance Youghal News
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