How much is dog walking per hour? – Arthur’s Pet Business Lesson Plan

How many miles is dog walking?

How much do dogs weigh?

How much do dogs bark?

How much do dogs move when they are nervous?

Which diseases affect dogs?

Do your dogs need to be on a leash at all times?

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Do they need to be spayed or neutered?

What types of training do your dogs need to maintain their health?

If your dog is a service dog, what types of jobs does it do?

Do you have to get a veterinarian appointment every time your dog needs treatment for a health problem?

How much time do you spend with your dog?

The next thing to ponder:

What if I need to change my dog’s job from “dog trainer” to “dog doctor”? Is that legal?

What about the other jobs they might hold, such as “horse trainer” or “canine behaviorist”? How would their licensing or certification differ from that of a dog walker or an “animal control officer”? What training does the dog receive in order to do those jobs? What kind of job training do the canine handlers get?

Can I hire a service dog if there is no one to walk my dog? Can I hire a human?

Is it legal for me to have my dog in public without supervision until I am sure I don’t need to be in the car at all times?

What do I do if the “dog doctor” of the establishment says a dog just need walk some more? How long does it take to find a “dog walker” who works that way?

There are many things that go into deciding what sort of jobs your dog must learn to do and to earn the necessary certifications and licenses. For example:

What kind of training does I require?

Can I use “any” animal? Or can I use an animal that you are willing to train?

What kind of “expertise” did you select?

What kind of dog, what size, and what is its age?

Are any other qualifications necessary? Can you provide a short resume to fill out online?

Will an “unlicensed private trainer” really work the same as a “licensed” trainer? And can “unlicensed” be an arbitrary determination?

How much dog training do you really need to do in order to qualify to be “certified”? What kind of exams

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How much is dog walking per hour? – Arthur’s Pet Business Lesson Plan
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