How much should I charge to watch a dog overnight? – Dog Grooming Business For Sale Texas

Please refer to your leash and harness and contact us if you would like a lower or higher rate for your stay.

Will a dog show up after 1 PM?

No! A dog will not arrive after midnight.

Will a dog show up after 2 PM?

Yes! A dog will not arrive after 2:30.

Will you let the dog walk?

Yes, we do not require you to lead the dog, but you are welcome to walk. Dogs that are walked outside need to have their leash properly adjusted to the ground. If you find your dog is running or walking aggressively, please walk them back inside the house and contact us.

Are there leash restrictions?

No! You are welcome to bring your own leash.

Can I bring my own dog?

Yes, bring your pets if you’d like. We do encourage you to bring pets that are less susceptible to the cold.

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How much should I charge to watch a dog overnight? – Dog Grooming Business For Sale Texas
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