Is pet shop a good business?

We’d all like it to be.

What would you do if you had a thousand dollars that was taken from you at gunpoint, and it turned out to be a giant lie?

There’s nothing to be done now and no way to retrieve it or recover it as it was stolen. It’s a great risk for the shop owner if he/she doesn’t know how to keep a checkbook at the time of the theft. I was told that if it was found later there would be no interest in any money owed to the owner. I’m a business owner and a victim of theft myself and I know better. We can’t let that happen to anyone else, nor should we ever put ourselves in that position.

There’s no question that crime is a real problem in the United States. What might help prevent it?

The answer to that question is simple, and the answer is one of the biggest questions we have today. We shouldn’t accept the “safe zone” strategy and think that the only thing that’s going to prevent crime is more guns being kept in private hands, where they can safely be used in case of an emergency.

But there are two other, as yet very different approaches for stopping crime. One starts with laws requiring that all guns be registered. This would require not only the state but other states to enforce their own registration laws, and create a permanent record that a handgun is a gun, or must be registered. This will help, but only slightly, in preventing a gun from ending up in the wrong hands — which is where many crimes are committed.

The second approach is called “gun buyback,” and this is exactly what is being attempted in Oregon: buyback guns from individuals and organizations with a history of gun violence, and then give them away to kids at gun shows. The idea — as well as the reason for initiating the program — is that, as you would not believe, guns can be a significant problem at gun shows and other public events. And that means that we need to get guns out of the hands of people who don’t need them. You don’t want a kid getting his hands on one, do you?

The problem is that guns aren’t bought in large quantities. We know from research that they are relatively easy to conceal, relatively easy to take away, and relatively easy to destroy (when properly stored and maintained) — and that is why gun control works. As a result, we should be trying to prevent people

Is pet shop a good business?
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