Is pet shop a good business? – Pet Business Newsletter Samples

If it sells more money than food than dogs and cats – then it’s the business for it.

But if not, no harm done to them anyway.

What is ‘breed purity’?

You can see a map of where dogs are used and where they come from:

These maps show that nearly all of the dogs bred for slaughter are “not purebred”. This is not necessarily “wrong” but it’s just how they are used. This is the same for most other animals that are bred for sale.

When dogs are used to work and work in the home for a lifetime, they must be given proper and responsible training and must be well looked after and cared for.

This includes providing them with a clean home and a space that suits their needs.

How come dogs live so long?

A dog is born with very little time on earth. At least a month.

The majority of our time being spent doing other useful tasks around the house and housework: cleaning the place, going to the pub, cooking, washing the dishes and even getting up from our beds when we go to sleep at night.

It is only around 3 days per week, at most, that our dogs get to be free and play outside. So our animals get an extra month or more to play and live the life that they want rather than the life that we want for them.

How many dogs are slaughtered?

Some 1 or 2 million dogs are slaughtered in the UK every year, on account of the large number that are killed in the fur trade.

As far as we are aware, this is one of the oldest and most well known trade in the world. The reasons for this are myriad.

It is in the interests of the fur trade for the industry to keep people ignorant of the cruelty that a “purebred” dog produces when he/she doesn’t have freedom and goes through so many hours of work daily.

The fur trade has a way of marketing all of its products as pure and healthy. For this reason we would guess that up to 85% of all dogs killed for their fur come from fur farms.

This is where the vast majority of the “purebred” dogs come from.
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How are they bred?

There are three main means of breeding a dog.

– The “natural” method (included in any dog health advice). These are the breeding methods that

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Is pet shop a good business? – Pet Business Newsletter Samples
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