Is selling dog food profitable? – Marketing For Pet Business

No, it is not profitable.

I heard you should sell puppy food?

I would try to sell it if you sell puppy food; but you can’t. The people you are asking for dog food make money that way. I know. I sold a lot of dog food. Why? I sold it to a friend who is a very good dog owner. I’m afraid my friend does not want it; although one shouldn’t put puppies up for sale.

I read that you were involved in dog-fighting? Did you do that, too?

I was not involved in any dog-fighting.

Do you have to register your dog?

No. You can keep his registration papers under a table in your house, and sell his toys to buy his food when he is at the school.

Who else lives in your house?

It’s a family. There are cats, there are dogs, there is a goat, there is a fish, there are monkeys.

Do people come here from New York all the time to sell dog food?

Of course. They go to the other towns—Nassau, New York—and all over the place. People buy as many as they can possibly sell. But they don’t really understand, because the only way you can sell a dog food is to breed your own breed. There are some pretty good ones here. I’ve had some dogs that were good but not really nice—I’ll give you a hint. I bought three or four years ago, a very cute female and a great large poodle, both with big feet—but I couldn’t train them. I had to take them from the puppy mill.

When people come to sell dog food, do they come down from America to watch your dogs fight?

I have seen them. They come on Saturdays now; they sit there and have a cup of coffee, which is what they did in the old days. And they sit in my yard and watch.

Isn’t it true that you go to a lot of trouble to breed your dogs?

Yes, I do. Most of the country is divided into dog-fanciers and dog-food sellers, and people come here from the other section and just take dogs. I got one on his back. It was really a wonderful dog—a beautiful, big black and white puppy. It had a great big mouth. I got a poodle from

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Is selling dog food profitable? – Marketing For Pet Business
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