Is walking more than 4 dogs illegal? – Unique Names For Dog Grooming Business

A. Yes. It is unlawful to walk more than four dogs and the maximum fine will be $500.

Q: Is walking around in a group legal?

A. Yes. It is unlawful to walk around in a group of more than eight dogs or to have an excessive number of dogs in a dog park, etc., and you could be slapped a $10,000 fine.

Q. Is it legal to wear a jacket, hat and sunglasses in a dog park?

A. Yes, it is legal to wear your jacket or hat in a dog park. It also is an offence to go “above the head” in a dog park. It is illegal to wear a baggy baseball cap over your head, which is a violation of the leash law. Also, if you don’t wear a helmet, you could get a warning letter for $30.

Q: What signs should I wear?

A: There are signs stating no barking. For more information click on the “barking” sign or download the free app on the Market Street Market website for more information

Q: Is it OK to walk in my car?

A: No. You are breaking the law by driving in an area such as dog park. The maximum fine is $500.

Q: Is it illegal to leave an abandoned puppy/cattle on the street?

A: Yes. Abandoned animals must be returned by the owner of the property. The maximum fine is $250 and your license could be suspended for a year.

Q: How do I report a dog on the road?

A: If you have encountered a dog in the market then you want to report it with the nearest police station or dog handler. Or, if its the third time or the “third off” or the dog is in a public area such as a park then report it with a police station. If you have never encountered a dog before you must visit a veterinarian and have an appointment. All dogs are required to be kennelled 24 hours a day but some can be outside if they are in their kennels. The maximum fine is $500.

Q: How close can people come to dogs and what about dogs off the streets?

A: You can have a walk around the same area of Market Square as you would a car but please be mindful of pedestrians and dogs. If

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Is walking more than 4 dogs illegal? – Unique Names For Dog Grooming Business
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