Is walking more than 4 dogs illegal?

In California, it’s pretty much the answer – it’s illegal for three to four dogs to travel over the state of California.

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6) Why are dogs considered the property of the owner? “The dog is the property of the owner but he does not own it, however, it can not be kept without owner consent. A private person or corporation may not take or leave dog in a way or area it is dangerous, unsafe or not wanted by the owner. The dog is not to be kept without permission of the owner. If a dog disturbs you, keep your dog or return to your house. If your dog is injured, call the emergency services immediately, call 311 or the nearest animal shelter, and immediately seek veterinary care.”

7) Should I let dogs out to play or should I keep them indoors?

“Yes! It is in the best interest of the dog to have him off the streets or in a pen or yard. If you choose to let your dog outdoors, it is important that you let him roam freely. You should not keep your dog indoors unless you have a good reason, and you should allow him to run freely when you are home. You should not play with the dog or let him watch TV or any other form of media. You should never touch the dog and should never be responsible for any serious injuries that the dog may have taken. The dog is the product of his owner’s behavior, a product that you should not be using to make your dog do anything. Dogs are intelligent and can learn, so if you want a good dog, you must have a good owner that is willing to train the dog. However, if you want a fun friend, a good family pet to play with and watch your kids, then this is the dog for you. A good home is better than a nasty experience where your dog may bite you, hurt itself or harm people.” – From the “Tried and True” article “Dogs and the Public Welfare”

8) Can my dog have a potty break?

“Yes, if you have a potty break, it is normal to let your dog out. In most places, you can have a potty break in a litter box with clean and dry grass. Please ensure that your dog is

Is walking more than 4 dogs illegal?
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