What should I charge for dog walking? – Small Pet Businesses Near Me

Depending on where you live we usually offer discounts. Depending on the area, this might be £9.99, £10.99 or free with a low-energy £17.20 plan.

What do you say to my dog asking how much it cost to train them to go for a ride?

I’ll tell you the amount you are paying, for you to calculate how much it really cost you. It’s a little bit scary asking a dog that doesn’t understand English.

Do you guarantee the quality of your dog walking service?

Yes we do! We guarantee that our dog walking service will give you the best quality dog walking experience you’ve ever had in the UK. Dogs go for the walker’s experience to help them understand why they are doing the exercise, the quality of the dog walking experience and it’s benefits.

What if I run out of dog walking time at a park I like?

Yes we are here to help! You can book a timed run so your dog can walk while you are at work. We can also recommend one of our dog walking centres to take part in your dog walking programme.
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Can dogs be trained to do dog sitting? Or can they not sit for very long time without the need of running at all?

Yes they can and we’re very keen to tell you about the benefits to training! Our dog walking company will work with you to get you the right dog walking product for your dog and the appropriate training is provided. They are here to help you to tailor your dog walking product to the right dog to meet your needs. We will get back to you with any training you need, no matter how long or how hard your dog is sitting!

We are keen to share with you some of the benefits of our dog walking programme.

Training your dog is a lifelong commitment that you take pride in.

We take great pride in supporting you while you train your dog. And your dog will benefit from the training and the reward that you will give them for their hard work.

Our dogs need to be well behaved with us so we provide the training support that you require to train them and the training that they will need to be well behaved with you.

In our dog walking company, we have a responsibility and we want to provide you with the best possible dog walk package for the money.

Our dogs will be a great reward when training is done correctly and well.

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What should I charge for dog walking? – Small Pet Businesses Near Me
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