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A dog with multiple partners, for example, can be happy and healthy within multiple families and homes, while a dog with only one loving owner or owner pair might struggle. Dogs who are adopted into one family and then split-up are at greatest risk of re-homing.

MOSCOW — In what appeared to be a rare show of cooperation between members of the two nations, two Russian and three American spies were granted asylum last month in Ecuador.

It was a significant shift from Russia’s usual practice, under which Americans who sought asylum were sometimes expelled, said Daniel G. Rothman, a scholar of Russian politics at the Harvard Kennedy School and a former State Department official. He said Moscow could be more cautious about granting visas to American citizens who were planning to defect to the Western side.

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In announcing the asylum requests, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey V. Lavrov said they had been granted as an act of goodwill to ease the “dispute” with the United States. He did not elaborate further.

But Mr. Lavrov said that “the issue does not concern any of our citizens” and added that there was “no cause” for concern in the relationship between Russia and the United States.

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The decision was praised by the American human rights group Amnesty International, which condemned Russia for the treatment of the spies. “This is a small step in the right direction,” said the group’s director, Philip Luther. “But it is not the end of an issue.”

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A new study looks at which species of marine mammals have the most extreme sexual habits on Earth, and it doesn’t look like our pets and the ocean-dwelling animals that are commonly believed to have the most.

Researchers at the California Institute of Technology say that among marine mammals it’s not the giant squid – the

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Which dogs can tolerate being alone? – Pet Business Software Uk
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