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Your puppy can’t always get along with other dogs, but if he has a strong bond with one dog, especially at the start, he’ll be fine. In other cases, when a dog is more social than he’d like, he’ll need to be with other dogs for a while, sometimes until he’s in the middle of puberty. The best time to introduce a dog to a new dog is through a “sledding” or “sledding off” trial. Sleddings include playing and chasing, and then your dog comes back into your yard, with a few other dogs on him. Sledding on is a very safe way to introduce dogs to each other.

Many older puppies can have strong bonds with other dogs. If that’s your puppy – your best bet is to have a “friending trial” or “sledding off” with him. This is probably the most humane way to introduce a new dog to a new family – it’s easier to get him to do something he needs to do than to teach him to do it all by yourself. In addition to playing and chasing, these tests are an opportunity for your dog to learn to interact with other dogs.

What should my puppy’s food be?

It’s important to have a puppy’s food that’s appropriate for her. Even dogs with a “healthy” diet can sometimes get food intolerances. You probably don’t need to worry about feeding your puppy a special type of food – some popular breeds, such as the Jack Russell, for example, are great with just about any kind of food. For other, we recommend finding a pet food that’s appropriate for your puppy and your family:

Breed Specific Products

When you do find a food that you like, be sure to check the protein levels. For example, some breeds should eat a meat-based diet, while other breeds shouldn’t. Check their food labels, and also read the ingredients listed on package labels – don’t assume that just because a food has the term “beef” printed on the label that it’s actually beef (unless its name is “coconut.”)

There are also some common “beef” ingredients that are just so much filler – you might see “potato” or “cornmeal,” or just “beef” (or “pork”) for example. These ingredients tend to be in a lot of junk food, and they don’t actually impart much nutritional value or taste to

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Which dogs can tolerate being alone? – Profitable Pets
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