Why are retractable leashes bad?

If you’re looking for a retractable car leash that’s super safe, there’s only one that fits you well: the Haro. We’ve been using the Haro for most of our life: it’s the oldest leash we have, and, in almost every other way, it’s the most comfortable because of its flexible silicone surface, built-in strap, and easy control. For kids 13 and up, Haro is the safest and easiest to use on the market. It’s also the most flexible, because Haro is covered with a silicone surface so it’ll stretch to accommodate just about any wrist and elbow.

But what if you want something that is great both ways?

The Paws is the perfect puppy leash for adult dogs that want the most safety. It has a unique strap that holds the leash in place, while still helping provide the maximum support. (If you’re looking for a very easy to attach leash that also requires very little force to get the leash from the leash, the Stray Dog is one of the best dogslarks online.) The Stray Dog also comes in the standard size that we recommend for dogs 6 months and up, so it fits anyone’s favorite dog-size dog harness. If you’re short on space, we also recommend the Stray Dog in Petite version, since it fits in any pet carrier; just remember that it’s smaller than other dogslarks that we recommend.

Want your leash more adjustable than others we’ve tested?

Our best dog leashes offer a flexible surface, so each one has a variety of stretch settings. The Haro is our most flexible leash, but there’s another in the Haro in Petite size if you want a leash that works just as well on a small dog as a large dog. We love that there are multiple options to fit your dog’s size.

Will I need straps?

We haven’t yet tested this, but the Velcro system keeps the leash secure from slipping during play. We don’t use all the straps, since there isn’t enough room for all of them in our harnesses, but your dog likely won’t need extra straps.
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Do other leash brands fit dogs? Can you make them fit?

We tested some dog leashes from other brands, but found that they weren’t as versatile as Haro or Stray Dog. While some of the other leash lines we tested worked well (such as the We-Vibe® and F

Why are retractable leashes bad?
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