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Bite-Size Paws
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“Lite-size” means only a few inches long and, in my experience, doesn’t go all the way down. (What about your dog’s neck and belly?” asks Nancy Meehan, an instructor at the American Kennel Club’s Companion Animal Clinic in Sarasota, who works with dogs and their owners who have dog fights.) “I never see people using retractable leashes because they’re too big.”
“Why does every trainer hate retractable leashes?”
“Sometimes the dog trainer says he’s not using his fingers because they’re too small.”
I hate retractable leash use because these things are too easy. You are supposed to push a button that closes the leash, and then the dog just goes about his business — walking like a dog, or sitting and resting.

Why the big fuss about retractable leashes?
It’s hard to fathom the anger of this breed of dog trainer at the world’s most simple dog training device.
If you think a dog can “fight” without a retractable leash or at any distance from an open collar, then you are just living in the past.
First, retractable leashes are not going away anytime soon. The International Kennel Club now requires retractable leashes, and only retractable leashes, for the sole purpose of preventing the dog’s face from getting bitten by something sharp that will rip the skin there.
Also, retractable leashes were devised and tested as a solution to the problem of dogs fighting without a leash.
Why did retractable leashes come into their own in the first place? You must wonder about another of the dog trainers’ pet peeves: “I don’t like dog bites. I always thought dogs got bitten from other things.”
The dogs are all over the world, fighting; that’s why you’re fighting dogs. But even if the dog did bite someone or something, he would have had to bite you to do it. Now that humans are all over the world, and dogs no longer need to bite for food or safety reasons, dog bites are a thing of the past.
I hate retractable leashes because my dog isn’t aggressive, and I have to stop him with a quick flick of my hand. I never have to think in terms of what that leash was all about, because I just cut the knot, and he stops what he’s doing.
My point is, to keep dogs as peaceable as possible while

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Why do dog trainers hate retractable leashes? – Arthur Pet Business
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