Month: July 2020

What is a photography degree called?

Photography is commonly referred to as the business of photography, which means that it usually involves the application of photographic technology. Photography is more like architecture or a graphic arts degree, but it is a degree with a professional career that many people are able to pursue. Where does the name come from? Most people […]

Are old cameras worth anything?

They certainly do. The question of where they go is the most important of all; for most, it’s their pride or their financial security. But they may also tell us something about a society that wants to know who is driving these cameras and which institutions are being watched, from a police perspective. But why? […]

What do graphic designers do?

What are they doing? A Graphic Designer is one who creates and designs printed graphics. The most common Graphic Designer work is for graphic designers, copywriters, business owners and other clients in the business world who need some graphics as part of business communication. What are graphic designers paid? These days, most graphic designers earn […]

Who owns a photograph?

It makes little difference what the person behind a camera is doing and, for the most part, it doesn’t matter. A man whose camera phone has just died is entitled to the photos taken by the one on which he was shooting. But even then, in most states, he can’t claim title or ownership of […]

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