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Facebook wants you to think so. After all, if you post a photo of yourself on Facebook, it’s public property, and you can use that photo to publish it anywhere. So the only question is: would you?

There are a couple of reasons you might not want to do this:

You have a friend who is a photographer and he might like this particular photo.

You share a photo with someone you don’t know that might like it.

You want to protect the original photographer by making sure that people see the original photo.

So, first let me start out by describing some things you should know about Facebook’s policy on public vs. private photos.

The Rules:

Facebook wants you to have a “high-quality, non-personalized, self-selected photo that isn’t otherwise part of your public profile.”

You are required to allow the entire photo to be seen by Facebook users. This includes sharing it with others, and, if necessary, removing it. Facebook encourages you to select an “approved” photo with no more than four people that you really understand.

If you don’t know who will see this photo, Facebook only requires that you select a minimum number of “friends” to use the photo. They give you the option to have more friends, but then you are limited to using just a minimum number of people to create your photo profile picture. This limits your ability to “share” your photos widely at a given time.
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You can’t use more photos than your maximum number of “friends” are allowed to have.

In addition to these two rules, Facebook recommends that you add your Facebook username and photo to “your personal contact list.” To be on the safe side, you can remove all of your photos from Facebook (at least until Facebook comes out with a fix for this glitch).

The only photo that Facebook can see is the one you chose. Your photos aren’t viewable unless they’re publicly shared by Facebook with your permission.

If you’re unsure which photo you want to use, here’s how to find that photo:

1. Type “private” into a search box.

2. You’ll see a list of photos with an asterisk (*) next to them that Facebook doesn’t have access to. Select these photos.

3. You can also find those photos “listed online here or through some of our partners.” Those photos will typically have a different

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Are Facebook photos public property? – Best Videos To Earn Money On Youtube
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