Are free prints worth it? – Make Money Online Photography

Or are free designs worth it?

I know there is no exact answer but the point of this is to say a design is free to you so it is worth the creative time you spent on it. You may not use the design for anything if you do not like it. You may even be able to pay for it if you have the money. (I am not sure the point of that)

But let’s look at the other sideā€¦

Would you pay money to get that same design as a design for free on something you don’t need and have a hard time finding?

Here are some examples that I was lucky enough to find on Pinterest that I think are worth the time and effort.

(all free, don’t own them unless otherwise indicated)

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I know they look free to you. But I bet you wouldn’t buy them if they came with another free print you really wanted.

(all free, don’t own them unless otherwise indicated)

I can’t claim ownership of these designs as you can download from the designer and use them however you wish.

(all free, don’t own them unless otherwise indicated)

The designs above were all designed at but if you look closely there is no logo on the homepage.

My only worry here is the logo will go away and people will only see the free designs which, yes, I totally get.

So where the blame for some of the above designs lies? I just don’t see that.

You may take the image from any website you want so long as you do not claim any part of it and leave a link for someone else to use. I would never want someone else using my work in an ad.

And most of the free designs I posted above (including these) include a credit towards the people (the original designer) and you can use that as the credit as well.

Are they worth it?

What is this ‘we pay for your design’ thing anyway?

I am an e-tailer. I am trying to be transparent here. But to me it all boils down to money.

I paid for the design and paid for the link and I spent money on other things after I received the design and link. This means that the designer is my company, my business and I am responsible for everything that goes on their site.

It is not our responsibility to say no to

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Are free prints worth it? – Make Money Online Photography
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