Can I make money taking pictures?

Yes, you can. We can charge you up to $75 for each picture. To take a picture in our workshop in Austin, look for the orange sign.

Can I take pictures of food at restaurants?
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Yes, for food related or informational purposes we will be happy to have you. Please contact us to discuss a price. We only charge for food items.

Can I have someone photograph a meal for my wedding?

Yes! We can also photograph wedding events and meetings.

Can I bring food to an events or dinner party in my car?

Yes, in fact it does make a great photo backdrop. You simply need to keep two things in mind: Make sure you take the right angle on your phone and you should also pay attention to your weather if it is raining/snowing/loud, since a lot of food photographs are done in the sun.

Can I have someone photograph my home?

Yes! Please contact us after registering to discuss pricing and location options.

Can I have someone photograph my kids’ or dog’s birthdays?

We are happy to work with you on birthday or birthday celebration photos. We can also charge you for this in case you decide to do something like this. We can offer you up to $150 per family. If you want to do something like this for your own children, we can charge as much as $75 per family. The photos are still in the family and can never be shown publicly.

Can I bring my mom/dad/daughter/son/son-in-law all the way to my engagement photos for a special day with me?

We can do this as well if you choose. Our pricing is the same as our wedding photographers.

Can My Husband or Wife Bring Me to My Own Wedding?

Yes! If your partner or your spouse is coming to your own wedding please come out to our workshop. The cost is about the same as our wedding photographers.

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Can I make money taking pictures?
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