Can Instagram sell my photos? – Earn Money With Video Uploading

The short answer is no, but not because Instagram doesn’t allow it. The company allows users to sell photos on their photos galleries for two reasons: to encourage engagement and to allow for third-party partners to monetize their posts.

To be fair, some photo sharing on Instagram is a legitimate way for a photo-sharing consumer (or anyone, really) to show off their love for Instagram. While you might think that selling your photos is an easy process, there are some caveats to consider.

If your photo is “private,” you’ll want to check the guidelines to make sure that you aren’t selling to people who would share your photo publicly, including if your photo is already public.

Another caveat to note is that your photos can’t be published online. If you sell your photo off of Instagram, there will be no way to access it. Instagram says in a blog post about the policy that “you may publish or repost your photo or edit your photo only in the app at the point you are sharing or editing a photo on the app.”

There are cases where you probably have a better option than selling your photos privately on Instagram, like with personal videos. However, remember that in these instances you’re giving away your video for free, so feel free to opt-outs of the service.

If your photo isn’t available as an option on the app, you can either use an app like Facebook Stream to upload it to other services, like Snapchat, or upload manually.

What if the photos were in a folder somewhere else?

You’re in luck! If you’re using a cloud-based service like Google Drive or Dropbox you should be able to upload your photos to those services in the future.

How do I upload photos to Instagram in the future?

If you’re using a service like Facebook Stream you can get your photos back when the app stops working. However, Dropbox is the company who has the ability to send your photos to Instagram in the future, so get those images done early!

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Can Instagram sell my photos? – Earn Money With Video Uploading
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