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I do not have time to work in another job right now. I am really very excited about my work at The New York Times, and I don’t really have anything else in mind but what I will be doing next. So you can imagine, when I get home, I am going to start working there!


The last time I spoke to Michael Dickson was about six months ago. It was probably not a coincidence that my last chat with him happened around the last month. The former CEO of a company that sold its most successful and high performing mobile phone platform, I was asking him about the current state of the mobile market. Michael pointed to the Apple iPhone and Android as the two major mobile platforms of the planet, and that the future of mobile phone adoption is likely to lie in more handsets that cater to these two platforms. What this means is if you look for smartphones that cater to the same market as a smartphone, you will likely find Apple devices.

He made a lot of points that were applicable to what we are now discussing, so in case you missed some of the bits that I missed, I encourage you to head on over to his comments on Twitter.

The latest mobile operating system version: iOS 8

iOS 7 was released some months ago in the US, so I’m wondering if Microsoft decided to put the brakes on this effort. Michael asked me in a direct exchange about the situation, and I asked how he found the situation and what was wrong with iOS. I asked for his opinion as to the reason why the release wasn’t pushed earlier, as it’s important to note that the latest version of Windows Phone was released a couple of years ago as well (if we are going to take a look at Microsoft’s mobile strategy).

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He replied with:

“I think the reason it didn’t have more time to hit store shelves and become a market leader was a combination of the issues the company has had in the past and things like the Nokia acquisition and that Microsoft has to sell the Xbox to become a market leader. Microsoft can’t afford to do that any other way.”

“Nokia’s presence was a drag on what Microsoft was aiming for and a lot of our developers and partners have moved to Android, and now Windows Phone. We’ll see if they can do the same in the coming years. My feeling is that I don’t have a lot of confidence in Apple, as I’ve seen no indication of any major innovation from them.”

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Can you make money selling photos online? – Stock Photography Make Money
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