How can I lock my photos on Facebook? – Facebook Video Earn Money

You can set Facebook to allow you to set your photos to only be viewed when you are not connected to Facebook. This can be set by following the directions in the official Facebook documentation. The app will still prompt you when accessing your photos, or you can turn it off by clicking on the toggle in the upper right hand corner.

How can I check if my photo has been shared?

Visit your account and click the share icon in your Facebook post. If you’re asked if you share your photos a lot or if they are shared very often, you do not want to share these photos in your personal Facebook account. See the other information on how to share photos below.

How can I change my photo’s “share” link from Facebook friends (Facebook Friends) to my Facebook profile (your personal profile)?

You can change the share button. Go to your friend list under the “My Friends” section. Click on your name. Select Settings, and then click Change Facebook page. Here you can click on Sharing options on the sharing tab to set the sharing option for your photos. This will include enabling a link that includes your personal Facebook profile so that friends are able to share these images via email or other social media sites.

What do I do if my photo is not showing up in my feed?

Click on a photo’s icon in the upper right hand corner of the photo feed to view the photo in your feed. Click View and Settings, and select Settings. Click on Contact info and select the appropriate option for your photo. Then click Share on the sharing tab.

What can I do if the photos that are shared from my personal Facebook account do not appear in my personal feed as well as those that are listed in the “Share” panel?

When using Facebook News Feed, posts tagged with your photo are displayed first. To see all photos tagged with your photo, click on the post to which the associated metadata corresponds.
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My photo that is listed in Feed will appear in the “Like this photo?” box after other posts where this photo is tagged. I want to be able to comment on posts I’ve recently viewed, yet my comments are not displayed.

You can comment through Facebook by tapping on “Like this photo?” on the photo’s share icon. You will then be able to view up to five comments or up to six more posts where the associated metadata corresponds to your photo.

Once you enable the option on “Like this photo

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How can I lock my photos on Facebook? – Facebook Video Earn Money
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