How can I print high quality photos?

The best way to use the Print.exe or Copy.exe tool is to open the file with a program that can convert a .PNG photo to a .XPS-formatted image (such as Microsoft Paint 3D or Apple’s iPhoto). For more information, see the Getting Started with Print.exe or Copy.exe Help topics.

How do I remove ads from my print output?

When your PC or Mac’s printer is not providing enough ink or paper, the print output may become saturated with ads. To avoid this issue, unplug the printer and clean it by wiping it with a soft lint-free cloth or lint free plastic brush, turning off the power, and pressing the “Erase” button. For more information, see Cleaning your Digital Photo Printer.

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Is there any other print-related issues that I am not aware of?

If you need assistance troubleshooting your printer, you can contact the technical support team at a Dell Web site.

Is my printer compatible with Windows 8 or later versions of Windows?

Some Dell computers and digital cameras are compatible with Windows 8 or later, including all versions of versions of Windows 8/8.1. However, some digital cameras require additional hardware or software to achieve a fully functional print job. If you’re having trouble with your digital camera’s print output, visit a local Dell Web site or ask your camera dealer for details.

When I click on the image icon in my Print.exe, it asks me for the printer’s settings. What should I do?

To open the settings window for your printer program, click the Print icon:

Note: The settings window may not appear at first and may appear black instead of a menu item. Click on the Print icon and then click the “Options” option.

Open the Print settings window with the mouse.

Click or tap on “Settings” and choose “Advertising” from the drop-down list.

Note: At the next screen, choose “Controls” from the drop-down list to select the following options: Stop Ads when the Printing System is Not Working

Accept Advertisements from the Advertiser

Allow Ads from the Advertiser to Block the Printer

Turn on Adware or other anti-advertising apps

Click or tap on “Apply Settings” to close the Print settings window.

Note: A “Check for Updates” option

How can I print high quality photos?
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