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When I first began writing code for iOS and tvOS, I had no clue what it took to actually write a good program. Since then, writing a decent iOS and tvOS app has gotten easier and I now have a really solid understanding of things I used to think were “simple”. Below is a collection of tips on just that: how to write code that actually makes your app awesome.

This guide’s goal is to improve your iPhone/iPad code, rather than make you a better programmer, so we’ll cover basic concepts you’ll need to learn on your own. If you want the full rundown of how I’ve been writing code since mid-February, check out my “How to Write Apple’s Best (and Worst) iOS and tvOS Apps” article, which should have the information you need to get started.

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1: Read and Understand the Apple iOS and tvOS Programmer Guidelines

Even if this list doesn’t immediately help, there’s no reason to not read them, even if you don’t think a single part of them applies to your app.

Some basic guidelines are:

The entire document is available online, with over 200 articles to go with it.

Use the links to browse the entire document.

Write your code using only Apple’s guidelines.

Don’t use a framework (that’s another subject, for another time).

Don’t use third party libraries.

2: Create a Testable Project

Before you start even writing a line of code, you should have a working build that you can share with others. Let’s look at an easy way to create a quick, testable project.

First, you need to open up Xcode and make sure you have the latest version of Xcode, if you don’t currently have it, in the Downloads directory.

After opening the Xcode app, click on the Project tab and select Make a new project.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a list of all the tools you can use. Click on Run to bring up the Run dialog box. This will prompt you to select any project files. Select the one that includes your project code and choose Continue from the first dialog box.

Now you can drag

How can I sell my camera?
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