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If you click for a license, you’ll be on the Getty Images website.

How do I get a license with Google Image Search? To search for license information with Google Image Search, go to and enter the Getty image of interest. When the image is searched for, a license will be displayed for download.

What is the license for the photo? You’ll get the Getty Images image of interest as well as the caption or artist. If your image is also copyright free, you won’t only be able to download it, but you’ll also be able to view and print it.

What image are you searching for? The Getty Images licensing site has many different categories for the images you are searching for. Click on the thumbnail of the image you are looking for before clicking on the license. From here you’ll be able to purchase a license. The license you’ll be able to use when searching is the same license used on all of the Getty Images images on the site. To check whether you’ve received a license or have one but are unsure, go to and enter the Getty Images image of interest.

How can I get a print license? You need a license for prints at Getty Images. Simply go to and enter the photo of interest. You will then be able to print the page (or your choice of your favorite image from the Getty Images archive) to your computer.

The most well known example was “Black Friday” in 1963. The year before, President JFK was assassinated. So too, many believe, was a “day of the dead” in 1999, when it was claimed over 80 people were killed by terrorists in two US cities.

As we noted in April, there is, in fact, precedent for claims that the events being recounted in the official narrative of 9/11 “could not have happened.”

That point has now been made by the 9/11 Commission, which has cited numerous “possible anomalies” in the official narrative.

According to a New York Times report, the Commission has discovered an error by the Pentagon’s flight-school instructors and an “error” in the military intelligence agency’s computer database of “tactical targets” that might have helped “create the impression of imminent attacks.”

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How do I get Getty Images? – Upload Pictures To Make Money
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