How do I stop Facebook from using my photos?

Facebook doesn’t actually use photos saved on your phone to use Facebook. But they do use some of your images to make a little “page builder,” and they use that page builder to automatically get your contacts.

How can I find out more about what Facebook uses my photos for?

For more information, read the Facebook privacy policy, Privacy policy, and terms and conditions.

Do I have a chance to ask a question on Reddit?

You can submit your question for Reddit Q&A by visiting the Ask Questions section of our FAQ. (Note: The Ask Reddit FAQ is not meant to be the first place you ask your questions. It will only prompt you to check back later if your question is still being asked.)

How do I get my questions posted to Reddit?

First, log into your Ask A Question account. Then, visit our FAQ (where the “Submit Your Question” link will appear).

Once on our FAQ, click the question you want to ask. You may need to wait a few seconds or click on “Next” a couple times, as others may also need to log in to submit their question.

Once you’ve submitted your question to Reddit, you may be asked to provide the following information to get your question answered:

Your Facebook ID (required to find your Facebook account).

Your full name — this is required to see your photo in your profile image.

Date(s) of birth (required for your photo to appear in your profile image).

Your hometown (required for your photo to appear in your profile image).

How can I avoid seeing my Facebook friends’ photos on Facebook?

Facebook does not use photos that you have taken to help users find one another. We use images from Facebook’s servers, which allows them to recognize users’ faces, see the photos, and recognize friends’ faces when they create a profile. This method allows users to view both the people in their photos and the people they share with.

If you want to disable people’s photos from appearing in their profiles on Facebook, go to Settings > Privacy. Select “Show me the photos that others share with me” from the options on the next screen.

How can I get a profile picture to be replaced with another one?

If you want to get your photo replaced with another, you can do some work. Follow all of the steps in the following guides on how to find an alternative photo

How do I stop Facebook from using my photos?
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