How do Instagram photographers make money? – Can Youtubers Make Money Without Ads

The answers are both simple and complex, depending on your business or industry.

With free Instagram photos, you may be able to keep your business in the dark about your business. Without an Instagram account, you may simply be overlooked. Without a blog, you probably don’t have much of an audience. It’s just plain hard to make any money with Instagram, no matter how small or fast you’re developing your audience. Without a website to sell your wares on, you may have to hire someone to help you manage, promote and profit—or you may have to start all over again (and be much cheaper).

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And, with Instagram ads, there’s a whole other world to mine. These ads are typically placed on Twitter and Facebook and can reach tens of millions of people around the world.

One of the most well-established businesses with a massive online following is Instagram, the photo-sharing app, which has nearly 500 million active users. With its free photography tool set, Instagram lets its users take pictures of themselves and post them on the app. Instagram has become one of its fastest growing businesses, growing at an incredible pace over the last five years.

With its Instagram ads platform, companies like the New York Times and CBS have launched Instagram billboards that reach tens of millions of people around the US to advertise their products. Advertisers like the Daily Mail, which boasts 10 million followers, have built and placed their ads through Instagram ads, which they place right next to their photos.

With the right business plan and advertising dollars, you may be able to bring thousands of your followers onto Instagram.

“The average Instagram feed is between 200 and 400,000 photos which averages out to about 5 to 10 tweets a day,” says Advertisers magazine’s digital ad guru, David Poynter, who has worked in marketing and advertising in the past. “A lot of Instagram feeds are not meant to be shared. They’re meant to be read. I see a lot of Instagram advertising for non-famous people who I know would really love the attention.”

With Instagram pictures that get shared, people tend to want to share them. “In a way, Instagram has become something that allows you to share your life with a brand,” says Poynter. “I’m the guy who would never write a book about my personal life. But Instagram gives me the ability to share the good stuff with a platform, and it gives me a platform to do that.”

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How do Instagram photographers make money? – Can Youtubers Make Money Without Ads
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