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When an article is published, the editor makes an initial decision on what is necessary for inclusion in the article. Editors must pay for editing. How much is the fee? According to the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics:

The Society of Professional Journalists will assess an article’s merit based on fairness, accuracy, and professionalism and its impact on the profession. The fee will reflect costs of the article.

To obtain a professional fee agreement, the editor should send a formal notice and contract to the Society of Professional Journalists, which will approve or reject the fee. Fees may be waived for payment of court costs.

The contract should provide:

A statement of the article’s nature, scope, intent, and purpose. A list of acceptable material. The editor’s opinion regarding the article’s suitability for publication. How long the article will take to complete (the time is set by the editor). The editor’s estimate of time and expense to complete the article.

How should I pay my editing fee?

Do I need a credit card for my editing fee?

Some editors charge for editing. In order to avoid paying a late fee, the editor will give you your credit card number and/or email address for authorization. If you are not comfortable sharing these details with the editor, please include your name and the article number in the email response that the editor sends. In some cases the editor doesn’t even have a credit card. If you are unsure about the editor’s name, do not send an email request for review. There are many ways to find out who the editor is.

How much should I charge for research?

In general, most editors will approve research that is fair and timely. If the editor has a budget, he or she may suggest a fee based on the length of a long article.

You should be prepared for research, including quotes, quotes from other sources, and photographs in your manuscript. In general, research takes time, since it involves taking time out of the flow of the editorial story. Research is not always as easy to track down and is often conducted outside of normal editorial production. In some cases the expense may be prohibitively expensive so the author(s) may choose to pay a fee for non-professional research.

This may include, for instance, paying extra for additional copies of materials submitted directly to the Editor’s Office while an article is being written or submitted for publication. If you need information to supplement

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How much should I charge for editing photos? – Watch Youtube Videos Make Money
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