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How much growth does a photographer’s work have in its history? How much of it is in the history of digital or analogue cameras? How much are film photographers? Which digital photographers are currently the most popular? We’ll be answering these questions and much more here.

What is the difference between a photographer and a cameraman? We will look at this very question and more as we learn what photography is, how the photographers and cameramen work, and how they can tell the difference between professional and amateur. By the end of next month we are going to have an answer for this question and more.

Here is what we’ll be investigating this month:

The history of photography or photography as we know it

What is photography? How has photography evolved over time? Is photography one of the few creative activities on earth that can change the world or only change it slightly? What does this mean to a photographer or cameraman when working with the media?

How does the history of the photojournalist influence the photographer? Why do many photographers have their own vision of the world? What does this mean in terms of the history of photography?

What influences the way a photographer approaches a subject? What is the relationship between the photographer and the subject? Do photographers always focus on one thing or do they have to consider a multitude of factors?

How do photographers approach color in their work? How does this relate to their vision of the camera and of the subject? Are the colors of a scene important to a photographer? As photographers we often need to be thinking about colors and how to put them together in a particular image. When is the correct moment to shoot from, how often, and why?

What are the roles of the photographer and cameraman? Do they have an equal responsibility? What has each been doing at different times in the history of photography?

Are we moving towards a world in which we are all photographers now or are we a long way from a world that is completely photography-driven?

Who are the photographers? Do we know anything about them? How did they come into the photograph’s world, and where did they go from there?

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The process as a photographer or cameraman

The process of photography from idea to finished product is a very complicated and multifaceted one. It involves the development of ideas to the creation of photographs. There is much thought and discussion about how a journalist approaches a work of fiction and how the process of developing the story

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Is photography growing or declining? – Photos Make Money Fast Online
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